The Brand

About Waters & Co

Founded to produce and deliver the finest Pool Tables. The Waters & Co Table is a symbol and focal point of any room, bringing family and friends together, evoking laughter and joy. The tables are created to make timeless memories. Waters & Co tables are distinctive and characterised by exceptional quality and timeless elegance. The result of the unique union between creativity and innovation. The company’s international philosophy is reflected in its products and its wide reaching distribution.

Our Process

Handcrafted in Wiltshire, UK, using locally sourced and sustainable materials. The facility blends the use of traditional craftsmanship with modern day technology, allowing the tables to be used for generations. By making use of expert craftsmen, who are assisted today by cutting edge industrial techniques, we guarantee a constant production with high quality standards, wood is still the collection’s distinctive element. The factory is surrounded by Wiltshire Forest, it coexists with nature. Indeed, precise checks are carried to guarantee and certify that the natural landscape is protected.