Beautiful pool dining table


Designed to incorporate modern, straight-line edges with historically architectural curves, the ‘Henry’ range of tables make fashion seem authentic while at the same time taking pride of place in any home.

Inspired by the combination of the geometric angles created by billiard ‘balls as they strike cushion after cushion, and the fine detail presented by the contrasting inlays, the ‘Henry’ has a mathematical simplicity with a visually hypnotic appeal. This is a design which appeals to the senses of touch and vision, but most of all the imagination

Finishing Touches

In a strict selection process, we only work with the leathers which meet our high standards. During the longevity of the product, the leather develops and becomes more beautiful from day to day, year to year.

Waters & Co use Hainsworth cloths, which have been skilfully engineered to cover the finest pool tables in the world. It’s the combination of fine wools, unique compositions, research, innovation and dedication to the game that result in superb construction that produces fast, durable, high quality cloths with impeccable accuracy, raw speed and ultimate playability.

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